I love shopping!! (grocery shopping, that is!)

Just look at all those colors!! MMM so good!

WOW I cannot believe I bought this much the other day at the grocery.

I think I may have bought a little too much,  but I mean, it was all ON SALE!! I’m such a sucker for a sale.  Activia Yogurt: $.99. (I had a $1.00 off coupon – score!)  Grapes $0.99/lb, Apples $1/lb.  And that whole bunch of bananas?  NINETY ONE CENTS for it all!  Who says eating healthy means expensive?  Not me!

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Action Enhances Reaction: Newton’s Third Law

This blog presents to you installment 3 of the 3 part series dissecting Newton’s Laws of Motion—Health Style.   Part 1 talked about Newton’s first law and part 2 talked about  Newton’s Second.  Any guesses to what part 3 is about?

You guessed it, Newton’s third law.

Newton’s 3rd says that,

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

As I begin to translate this into health words for you, I have a feeling you already know what I’m going to say.

For every positive step you take, there is an equal and opposite reaction that occurs.

For Nutrition, here are how some positive actions can cancel out any negative actions.

  • try some yogurt for dessert (your positive step), and there is a big bowl of ice-cream that you didn’t eat!
  • choose to have breakfast, and your metabolism isn’t still resting!
  • decide to eat the fresh foods you absolutely love, and displace stomach room for the potato chips you don’t care for as much!

What about Exercise? Check out these positive changes:

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If you consider studying “great,” then I had a great weekend 😉  I spent a time Friday night, most of the day Saturday, and all of Sunday studying.  Most of the time I do actually enjoy studying.   But this time… biochemistry… not so much 😦 So rather than bore you with the details of bioenergetics and the Kreb’s cycle, let me share with you some of what I had to eat the past few days!

But if you would like to hear about the details of the Kreb’s cycle, get at me.  I know it now 😉


I really, really need to keep my camera on me because these foods would have produced great pictures!

Here’s the top three things I’ve had over the past few days:

1) Bob’s Red Mill Muesli (www.bobsredmill.com)

I received a free sample pack back of this in FNCE early November and finally got around to cooking it up!  One word: YUM. Why did I wait so long to make it??

The Muesli is a delicious combination of oats, wheat, and other grains (like rye, barley, triticale) with some fruit (raisins, date crumbles), nuts (walnuts and almonds), and sunflower seeds.  I cooked it on the stove with Almond Breeze Almond Milk and it was so satisfying!

If you’re looking for a new breakfast, TRY THIS NOW!

2) Warm Pineapple

Simply wonderful.  I LOVE grilled pineapple in the summertime and having it now gave me a glimmer of hope and excitement for cooking with all of  summer’s fresh produce.

Please, summer, come soon.

3) My NEW “Low-Calorie Tastes Like High-Calorie Chocolate Cocoa”

You’ve got to try this!! It tastes like Starbucks, but for way less money and WAY less calories! 🙂  It’s the perfect warm up drink for a cold night in the condo watching The Bachelor.

And its simple too!! I’m all about simple in the kitchen.

One cup hot water, two-ish teaspoons (I eyeball it 😉 ) cocoa powder.  Mix it around. Add in one tablespoon any flavor (french vanilla, pumpkin spice) coffee creamer.  And voila: The Low-Calorie Tastes Like High-Calorie Chocolate Cocoa.  I’m guessing it’s no more than 40-50 calories.  YEY!

Off to bed now!  In the morning, I’m working out (!! post to come on the progress of that soon !!) and going grocery shopping.  I have got to find some more of that Muesli!

Night, world.

(Or should I say, “Night, dad.”  Because by the looks of my posts and comments, you’re the only one reading 🙂 )

Almost Friday!

Well hello world!

Since Julia’s birthday on Monday, I trekked back to my condo in Columbus for classes for the week.  It was a great time to be home, but now it’s back to business.

Look at all the snow we got today! Can you believe it?

Tuesday I drove back to Columbus from home, went to class, and headed straight to work.  I was finally able to unpack from my trip home at 9:00 that night and then went to bed soon after.  What a busy day.

Wednesday I woke up at the crack of dawn (7:00am to be exact! very early for a college student like me 😉 ) and was on the treadmill by 7:20.  I’m not one to normally work out within 20 minutes of waking up, so I’m going to call that 30 minute walk/run combo a big accomplishment.  I went about the rest of my day doing the usual– class, reading, peanut butter sandwich, apple and all.

At one of the meetings I went to Wednesday, I was able to meet the Race Director for the Columbus Marathon.  It was so wonderful to hear what he had to say– he was so passionate about his work.  Can you believe they had fireworks and people on stilts to entertain at the marathon last year?!  His talk motivated me not only to have a career I’m passionate about– but added lots of inspiration for running a marathon in my future.  I mean come on, fireworks?  How exciting is that?  Not to mention that if you drop out of the race, you ride in a limo.  Cha-ching!

Today was a busy, busy day.  More meetings and classes.  And the peanut butter sandwich.  I do think I scored some free/discounted Chobani yogurt and Coach’s Oats, though.  More info on that to come soon!

I came home tonight and warmed up some Brussel sprouts I had cooked last night.  I had never tasted these little green leaf spheres before, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I boiled water, tossed in the sprouts, let it come to a boil again, then covered and simmered for 10 minutes.  After, I added some pepper, Mrs. Dash seasoning, and cheeeeese.

It had a unique taste.. .quite a bit like broccoli, a little like asparagus.  I had to add quite a bit of seasoning and cheese for them to be palatable.  I’ve heard it takes 15 tries before you become fully accustomed to the taste of something new.  We’ll see if I can make it to taste test #2 😉

Have a happy Friday!  Stay warm out there 🙂

Newton’s Second Law: Translated

If you’ve seen my post about Newton’s first law then you know that once you’re headed in a certain direction, you’re likely to keep going!   Moral of that story: make sure you’re in the right direction.

So what about Newton’s second law of motion?  Does it apply to your health too?

I believe that YES, it does!!  Here, you’ll see why.

As a reminder Newton’s second law says,

Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass.  The greater the mass, the greater the amount of force needed to accelerate the object.”

Here are my translations:

  • Acceleration: getting healthy
  • Force: motivation and intention to get healthy
  • Mass:  barriers to resist change

So Newton’s 2nd, completely translated is:

“Getting healthy is achieved when the intention to get healthy acts on the barriers to resist change.  The greater the barriers, the greater the intention needed to change.”

It’s true, getting healthy and staying healthy can be challenging.  BUT, the more barriers you recognize, the harder it will be for you to see the benefits of change.  If you really want change, you need to realize that the benefits greatly outweigh the barriers.  Plus, you need to be motivated!

My best motivation prescription for you is… KNOW YOU CAN!!  Have confidence and be assured that YOU CAN DO IT.

But, please do not do a complete 180.  No way.  Just find those little changes you can make.

Can you name three fruits or vegetables that you like?  Then you can incorporate those into your diet!

Can you walk to your mailbox and back?  Then you can exercise!

Do you drink soda? How about only drinking one a day!

Want some extra fuel during the day?  Pack a healthy snack instead of taking a trip to the vending machine!

Park further from the store, stretch while watching television, and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard.  And once you see the results and the joy that the small steps you make bring to your life, you’ll be motivated yet again to continue forward in a healthy direction!

What motivates you? What small steps do you take each day to get healthy? I want to hear all about it!

Comment below and check back soon for my third installment of this series as I examine Newton’s third law!

Happy Birthday Julia!

As she quoted last night, “Tori, tomorrow is about to be the most popular day ever in my Facebook life.”

Yes, Julia, you’re probably right.  What was she referring to?? Wellll…………

Today is my sister’s birthday! She turns 17!! I’d say its a big milestone for her.

After all, 18 is when you’re as an considered an adult, right?  And if you know her, you know she’s definitely not an adult yet! 😉

Besides me, my family, her friends, and her cell phone here are some things Julia loves:


2) ?

Yeah, turtles pretty much sum it up.   Honestly, her obsession with turtles could make your head spin.  I still don’t understand why she likes them so much.  I think it’s an inside joke with some of her friends, but I have no idea. And that’s ok by me.

To understand what I mean by “her obsession,” here are some photos of Julia sharing her turtle love.

One of the many turtles she keeps at the foot of her bed:

She (on the right) and her friends even brought some turtle love to Florida!

Not even hesitating to spread the turtle on Space Mountain.


Let it be your most popular day on facebook ever.

Saturday Adventure

I started out this Saturday by making some tasty cinnamon pumpkin oatmeal for the family (my mom, dad, younger sister, and younger brother) this morning!  It was super easy to cook…the whole family loved it!  I mixed together….

  • 2 cups quick oats
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 cup pumpkin
  • some chopped walnuts
  • cinnamon and nutmeg

…in a bowl and proceeded to heat it in the microwave for 7 minutes, stirring occasionally.  After cooked, we topped the oatmeal with 1/2 a sliced banana and some more chopped walnuts.  I wish I had a picture to show you!

Then we were off to my brother’s basketball game.  He’s in third grade this year and it was so cute to watch him play.  He did a great job : )

After, we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant (I had a taco salad.. yum yum!) and planned to head back home.

Before we got home, though, we passed this place:

My dad insisted we stop in.  I had never been to this place before (or any other flea market!) so I was curious to check it out!

My brother and sister thought that ‘flea market’ meant that they sold fleas.

No, no, no, young children…they don’t sell fleas here.  Thank heaven!

They carried everything you could think of… furniture, cereal, games, guns, scarves, wine, kitchen gadgets, and even a slot machine

Here’s a picture of Julia checking some things out:

I was surprised to see they had fitness equipment there too! And if you know me, you know I had to try it out.

I even saw this antique Coca Cola road bike.

Wouldn’t you love to ride around on that for a day?

It was such a blast to be home with the family this morning and then check out the flea market this afternoon.  I absolutely love being able to come back home and spend quality time with them … and seeing new things is always exciting too!

What fun adventures have you done today? I want to hear about them!