Happy Birthday Julia!

As she quoted last night, “Tori, tomorrow is about to be the most popular day ever in my Facebook life.”

Yes, Julia, you’re probably right.  What was she referring to?? Wellll…………

Today is my sister’s birthday! She turns 17!! I’d say its a big milestone for her.

After all, 18 is when you’re as an considered an adult, right?  And if you know her, you know she’s definitely not an adult yet! 😉

Besides me, my family, her friends, and her cell phone here are some things Julia loves:


2) ?

Yeah, turtles pretty much sum it up.   Honestly, her obsession with turtles could make your head spin.  I still don’t understand why she likes them so much.  I think it’s an inside joke with some of her friends, but I have no idea. And that’s ok by me.

To understand what I mean by “her obsession,” here are some photos of Julia sharing her turtle love.

One of the many turtles she keeps at the foot of her bed:

She (on the right) and her friends even brought some turtle love to Florida!

Not even hesitating to spread the turtle on Space Mountain.


Let it be your most popular day on facebook ever.

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