If you consider studying “great,” then I had a great weekend 😉  I spent a time Friday night, most of the day Saturday, and all of Sunday studying.  Most of the time I do actually enjoy studying.   But this time… biochemistry… not so much 😦 So rather than bore you with the details of bioenergetics and the Kreb’s cycle, let me share with you some of what I had to eat the past few days!

But if you would like to hear about the details of the Kreb’s cycle, get at me.  I know it now 😉


I really, really need to keep my camera on me because these foods would have produced great pictures!

Here’s the top three things I’ve had over the past few days:

1) Bob’s Red Mill Muesli (www.bobsredmill.com)

I received a free sample pack back of this in FNCE early November and finally got around to cooking it up!  One word: YUM. Why did I wait so long to make it??

The Muesli is a delicious combination of oats, wheat, and other grains (like rye, barley, triticale) with some fruit (raisins, date crumbles), nuts (walnuts and almonds), and sunflower seeds.  I cooked it on the stove with Almond Breeze Almond Milk and it was so satisfying!

If you’re looking for a new breakfast, TRY THIS NOW!

2) Warm Pineapple

Simply wonderful.  I LOVE grilled pineapple in the summertime and having it now gave me a glimmer of hope and excitement for cooking with all of  summer’s fresh produce.

Please, summer, come soon.

3) My NEW “Low-Calorie Tastes Like High-Calorie Chocolate Cocoa”

You’ve got to try this!! It tastes like Starbucks, but for way less money and WAY less calories! 🙂  It’s the perfect warm up drink for a cold night in the condo watching The Bachelor.

And its simple too!! I’m all about simple in the kitchen.

One cup hot water, two-ish teaspoons (I eyeball it 😉 ) cocoa powder.  Mix it around. Add in one tablespoon any flavor (french vanilla, pumpkin spice) coffee creamer.  And voila: The Low-Calorie Tastes Like High-Calorie Chocolate Cocoa.  I’m guessing it’s no more than 40-50 calories.  YEY!

Off to bed now!  In the morning, I’m working out (!! post to come on the progress of that soon !!) and going grocery shopping.  I have got to find some more of that Muesli!

Night, world.

(Or should I say, “Night, dad.”  Because by the looks of my posts and comments, you’re the only one reading 🙂 )


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