Action Enhances Reaction: Newton’s Third Law

This blog presents to you installment 3 of the 3 part series dissecting Newton’s Laws of Motion—Health Style.   Part 1 talked about Newton’s first law and part 2 talked about  Newton’s Second.  Any guesses to what part 3 is about?

You guessed it, Newton’s third law.

Newton’s 3rd says that,

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

As I begin to translate this into health words for you, I have a feeling you already know what I’m going to say.

For every positive step you take, there is an equal and opposite reaction that occurs.

For Nutrition, here are how some positive actions can cancel out any negative actions.

  • try some yogurt for dessert (your positive step), and there is a big bowl of ice-cream that you didn’t eat!
  • choose to have breakfast, and your metabolism isn’t still resting!
  • decide to eat the fresh foods you absolutely love, and displace stomach room for the potato chips you don’t care for as much!

What about Exercise? Check out these positive changes:

  • go on a walk, and you’re not wasting away on the computer!
  • cook dinner, and you’ll burn more calories than stopping at a fast food place!
  • take a fun bike ride, and you’re not being lazy on the couch.

Add all these baby steps together, and you’re moving in the right direction.   With these actions, you’re likely to see equal and opposite reactions take place, like subtracting inches from the waist or pounds from the scale.

What positive steps are you going to take today? I want to hear about them!


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