Scrambled…Even Better!

Sunday at noon I arrived back to my condo from church– hungry and ready to cook up something great for lunch.  I debated cooking up a hearty pot of chili, but knew I had some asparagus and spinach in the fridge that I needed to use up.

I cleaned my bedroom and then headed to the kitchen to see what I could create.  Did you guys see my Scrambled recipe the other day?  I was really happy with how it turned out, but knew I could make it better.

With that recipe in the back of my mind, I decided to have another “anything but the kitchen sink” sort of dish.

It is so fun to throw whatever you think sounds good into the mix– and when it turns out, it’s even better! (And when it doesn’t, hello peanut butter sandwich 🙂 )

I started by adding chopped up asparagus and two eggs into a skillet on the stove.  Did you know that very few foods in nature contain Vitamin D?  One that does is eggs– specifically the yolk!

(Added 2/9/11– check out this article written on USA Today about the benefits of eggs! Turns out, they contain less cholesterol than once expected!)

After letting the eggs do their thing and the asparagus get softer, I added a few more things!

Hey do you know one reason vegetables become less crunchy with heat?  Simply put, plant cells contain water.. heating causes the cell walls to break and release the water, creating a softer product!

Also…adding baking soda to the veggies will intensify their green-ness, but make them mushy too.  If you add acid to them, the softening of the veggies will be prevented– but maybe too much prevention!  For example, while making chili, if you add the tomatoes (which are acidic) to the kidney beans, the beans won’t soften up at all.   Moral of the story: don’t add either baking soda nor acid in relatively large quantities — you’ll come out with a product with an off-texture and form.

Hope you learned something today 😉

Back to Scrambled…I added some spinach!

Can you say “hello nutrients, antioxidants, and good for you food”?!

(For the record, I’m personally very proud of the above picture 🙂 )

Then I put in some green peppers, cheese, a dash of salt and some fresh black pepper…… I think that was it 😉

I could have stopped right there, but then had a genius idea: put it in a wrap!

I scooped out half the mixture and put in on a flatout.  I saved the rest for later!

Could my genius mixture could get more awesome? Of course.  All I had to do was add a little dash of Frank’s Red Hot.  Be careful of how much you add though, this stuff is packed full of sodium!



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