In an attempt to try to be creative the other night for dinner, I ended up throwing a whole bunch of things in a pan…hoping it would work out.

It turned out to be a concoction that I’d like to title “Scrambled.”

Ok, I know… it looks a little sketchy on camera.  But MMM did it taste good!

Here’s how I made it…

First, to a skillet went two eggs.

After I let them cook up a bit, I added some spinach, green peppers, and already browned ground turkey.

It’s quite amazing how that much spinach can sizzle down into what appears like only a few leaves!

I mixed it all together, added a dash of salt, a generous amount of pepper, and a little bit of cheddar cheese.

Boom, it was good.  A warm dish to warm me up on a cold, cold night!

I made this last Tuesday– the night the ice storm caused OSU to cancel its evening classes.  I was so hoping that the next day we’d be treated to a snow day…I love the excitement of it all!  But much to my surprise, Columbus is extremely good at keeping its roads clean.  We had class, but that was fine by me.  This nutrition nerd doesn’t mind going anyway 🙂


5 thoughts on “Scrambled

  1. MMM. Eggs and spinach on a cold day sounds really good (& nutritious too) Maybe add some onions and mushrooms, and I’ll be over for breakfast on the next snow day!! See ya. Love, -D

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