About Me

Hey there!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!  I decided to write this blog as a means to journal my adventures as an enthusiastic promoter of living a healthy life and to find my voice as a soon-to-be RD conveying health information to the public.

In this blog you’ll find insights into the things I love in life, like:

1) how beneficial nutrition is to your health

2) how exercise is not only great for your body, but great for your heart and soul

3) how adventure and exploring new things can create a world of happiness

4)  how the Ohio State Buckeye’s are, and forever will be, number one

5) how life is nothing without a good set of friends

6) and how my family makes every single thing I do have meaning

I’m in my second year studying Human Nutrition/Dietetics at The Ohio State University and I’m set to graduate Spring 2012– only one more year!  After that, I’ll apply for an internship to get one step closer in becoming a Registered Dietitian.

I truly hope that this blog can provide you with creative solutions for your everyday life– whether it be knowing how to incorporate more nutritious foods in your diet or how to let simple things in life bring you the most joy.

I look forward to seeing you back here soon.  Have a healthy day!  : )

All the best,

Victoria Holthaus

Disclaimer: Though I am committed to delivering you 100% real nutrition news, I am not (yet) a Registered Dietitian.  The opinions presented here are my own.  Please connect with a RD or physician for your personalized nutrition and health concerns.


5 thoughts on “About Me

    • I-O! Haha, I thought I was the only OSU nutrition student out here in the web world! It’s nice to see other Buckeye friends. I see you have a site too! I’ll have to check it out. See ya in class!

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